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10 lines on my favourite game kabaddi in English. Kabaddi is a physical sport and I love playing it. It is an outdoor game that is played in an open field outside the house. By playing this game, our body and brain remain healthy. Kabaddi is an ancient and traditional sport in our country.

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This line is drawn after the baulk line and before the end line. It needs to be drawn 1 meter from the baulk line on each side of the court, excluding the lobbies. This line is named so because it gives you the opportunity to earn a point without even touching his opponent.

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The Kabaddi court measures W13 x H10 meters with a mid line dividing the court into two halves. Baulk Line: Within each half of the court there is a baulk line. Raider has to cross this line in each raid to make the raid legitimate.

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Match Rules. Team. Each team must have a minimum of 10 (ten) Players and a maximum of 12 (twelve) Players in its match-day playing squad. 7 (seven) Players shall take the ground at a time and the remaining 3 (three) to 5 (five) Players shall be substitutes.

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The Kabaddi playing surface measures 13m x 10m and is separated into two halves by a white line, one team occupying each half. It can be played on a wide range of surfaces from a dedicated clay court to spare ground where a playing surface has been chalked out.

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The court should be 43 feet (13 m) long and 33 feet (10 m) wide. Place a midline in the center of the field and a parallel baulk line on each side so they're 13 feet (3.75 m) from the midline. Place a parallel bonus line 3 feet (1 m) under each baulk line. Each round of Kabaddi is played in turns and teams alternate between offense and defense.

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The raider must cross the baulk line into the defending team's territory, and then return to their half of the field without being tackled. (If an attacker touches a defender and hasn't yet reached the baulk line, they don't need to reach the baulk line to score points and may return to their half of the court.)

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Pro Kabaddi League Logo and Tagline. The Pro Kabaddi League is a professional-level Kabaddi league in India. It was launched in 2014. The league’s inception was influenced by the popularity of the Kabaddi tournament at the 2006 Asian Games.

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